Secret Service Dog Dies Serving It’s Country

Miami Condo Attorney expresses  condolences for Secret Service dog that fell to its death in New Orleans over the weekend. Our thoughts go out to the dog’s handler who lost a close and loyal friend.   According to WWL – TV, an unnamed bomb sniffing dog fell from the roof of a parking deck next to a Ritz Carlton where vice President Joe Biden was speaking.

Although Federal agents rushed the Belgian Malinois to a small animal hospital via motorcade, veterinarians were unable to save the dog. According to CNN, the secret service agency began using dogs to detect explosives in 1975:

Each dog and it’s handler has to complete 20 weeks of training before beginning work, the agency said. When it’s time for a dog to retire-usually after about 10 years-it is retired to its handler.

Dogs truly are amazing animals.  They love us unconditionally and are the most loyal friends one could ever ask for.  Sometimes we forget all the amazing things they can do such as protect our government officials make our sporting events and arenas safe and assist the many disabled individuals by providing emotional support for people with mental disabilities and assisting with specific tasks for those in need of service animals.


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