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Emotional Support Animal Law

Emotional Support Animal Law

Many Florida Condominium Associations have made it increasingly more difficult for individuals with assistance animals like Service Dogs and Emotional Support Animals. Contrary to both State and Federal Laws, some Associations have refused to allow Emotional Support Animals…

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Water and Mold Damage Law

Florida Condo Mold Lawyer

As a Florida Condo Lawyer with offices near Miami, South Beach, Sunny Isles, Aventura and Fort Lauderdale, I get hundreds of calls from condo owners that have suffered some type of damage due to toxic mold and water intrusion from the condominium common elements like…

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Condo Owner Rights

Condo Owner Rights Lawyer in Florida

As an Attorney that represents Condo Owners and Homeowners throughout Florida, the term I hear the most from the many people that call my Hallandale Beach Florida Office is “Selective Enforcement.” Most people don’t really understand exactly what this term means and how it is…

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Florida Condo Attorney

When you own a condo, you’re usually part of an association, an HOA. This association typically requires all members to pay membership fees and abide by certain rules and guidelines. As an owner and association member, you’re entitled to certain rights and protections under the law, and a Florida condo attorney can help you defend or assert those rights.

Whether you are a condo owner dealing with condo law in Boca Raton or Fort Lauderdale, you need an HOA attorney that represents individual unit owners to ensure you get the best legal advice. Choose an HOA lawyer who represents individuals in condo law disputes in Palm Beach before it is time to go to court.

Condo Law Firm in Florida

Attorney Herb Milgrim, is a condo lawyer in Florida that fights for Condo Owner’s rights in some of the most heavily populated areas like Miami, Brickell Ave, Aventura, Miami Beach, Sunny Isles, Fort Lauderdale, Boca Raton and Palm Beach. We’re experienced in Miami condo law and we offer services related to condominium law, the Florida Condominium Act, HOA issues, disaster recovery, hurricane claims, water and mold damage due to association’s failure to maintain common elements, injury claims in common areas, covenant enforcement, illegal budget increases, selective enforcement claims, improper leasing restrictions, tortious interference with owner’s right to sell or rent, pet restrictions, interference with an owner’s quiet use and enjoyment, noise complaints, harassment by board members and property management, architectural review claims, and improper use of funds by board members all over South Florida.

Florida Condo Attorney

What Our Colleagues & Clients Have to Say

Below are some of the comments from satisfied clients and colleagues.
  • Fellow condo owner, google me if you doubt my suggestion. IF the condo lawyer represents both associations and condo owners, expect them to hold back in litigating your case. Their interests in later defending against your claims in another case, will stop them from presenting the best litigation for it, and will prefer to lose your case than to lose on the funds from the associations they represent. SIMPLY DO NOT HIRE THEM. Hire only attorneys like Attorney Milgrim who’s sole practice is defending property owners’ rights and interests.
    Janvier Villars
    July 2020
  • I emailed a summary of my problem to several lawyers to decide who could help. Mr. Milgrim clarified everything for free. He saved me and my condo neighbors from an expensive mistake. Some lawyers advertised a free consultation but didn’t respond. One contacted me repeatedly to get me into their $300 consultation, though if they were competent, they knew I should just drop it. One didn’t seem to know condo law but was a generalist willing to take my case and be paid for learning condo law. Mr. Milgrim decidedly does know condo law and precedent, plus he’s kind, helpful, and not after your money.

    Dorita Sewell
    September 2019
  • After my HOA denied the request for accommodation with my rotweiller I felt devastated and began searching for the best attorney. I found a superb lawyer — Herb Milgrim. Mr. Milgrim immediately saw what was happening to me as unlawful and was empathetic, compassionate and supportive. He took over for me, which was a big relief and immediately began to work on my case. From my first meeting with Mr. Milgrim I knew I could trust him, as he was very attentive and concerned about me as a person as well as my case. He responded to my calls and emails immediately.

    Jose Perez
    July 2019
  • I highly recommend Mr. Herb Milgrim, Esq. He facilitated my HOA’ s timely accommodation for my ESA. He is extremely knowledgeable in this area and only represents Condo owners which was very helpful. His staff is also excellent.

    Sheila Farmer
    August 2018
  • Herb helped get my emotional support animals approved by my condo board recently and I can’t say enough good things about my experience. He is very knowledgeable on these issues and got me the best possible result quickly! I highly recommend him and his staff.

    Stephanie Dietrich
    June 2018
  • Herb Called me personally himself he is truly kind and caring and really gives advise and knowledgeable. He did advise me of different options and also he is an animal lover as per our conversation he really knows his laws and I have never met or spoken to any lawyer like Herb. Guys I am telling you if you ever need advise you must contact him Mr.Herb Milgrim!! Thank you again for your advice it was a pleasure speaking with you i cant thank you enough for your advice!!

    Diane Brajanovski
    February 2018
  • Mr. Milgrim and his staff are very good professionals, very good customer service and he was very effective with my case. He gave me good support information and follow up on all process of the Recall Board Meeting, obtaining the goals in short time.those results that we were looking for. I strongly recommend retaining Mr. Milgrim for any issues.

    February 2018
  • We used Herb Milgrim for an issue with a condo and our emotional support dog. I would recommend him 100%! His office staff was excellent and very professional. The situation was resolved without a doubt because of his prompt and professional handling of our case. Thanks again Herb!

    Elizabeth OConnor
    February 2018
  • My husband and I would like to wholeheartedly endorse Mr. Milgrim’s handling of our emotional support animal case. From the start Mr. Milgrim explained what was needed, provided the appropriate forms, took charge of all the correspondence with our condo board and successfully obtained our accommodation. He was quick, painless(I am a healthcare professional) and successful. Thank you.

    Teri Cox
    February 2018
  • I can’t say enough about this firm. When my dad starting having problems with his HOA we needed an expert, and we found that in Mr. Milgrim. He did his research and even consulted with outside colleagues for specific areas of the law. He was patient, understanding, compassionate and did a great job communicating our best options moving forward. If you want an attorney who knows his stuff and does not represent associations, you found your firm!!
    Robert Springer
    February 2017
  • You will have a great experience when you hire Mr. Milgrim. His office staff was a pleasure to talk to and Mr. Milgrim is very nice, capable, and genuine. His answer to my legal question was answered in lighting speed time. He was thorough and made me comfortable with his findings. I recommend highly Mr. Milgrim for any of your “condo” needs in regards to the board vs the owners rights on any issue.

    Lisa Heiser
    February 2016

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