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Heavy Rains Mean its Time to Check for Signs of Water Damage


The sun is out and there is not a cloud in the sky! It is days like this that make us glad we live in South Florida but, with Tropical Depression 16 and all the rain we have had over the last several months how is your roof holding up?  Have you checked your interior for signs of moisture in the walls?  It doesn’t matter if you live in a high-rise condominium, townhouse, garden apartment or single family house, with all the rain we have had, now is the time to check for evidence of leaks and water intrusion.

As a Florida Attorney that Focuses on representing Condo Owners and Homeowners that have disputes or problems with their Associations I have handled many cases dealing with water intrusion issues. Early detection is often the best way to prevent the widespread damage and potential health hazards associated with mold contamination. One of the worst things that can be done is to ignore a water leak only to later find out that your home is now unlivable due to the widespread mold contamination.

I have spoken with many Florida Condo Owners that have water intrusion from roof damage caused by the Condo Association’s failure to maintain the common elements. The law is clear that the Association has a non delegable duty to maintain the common elements.  Many Condo Owners that have called me have significant damage to the walls and interior of their apartment that needs immediate repair, replacement and even mold remediation.  Although Owners have a duty to mitigate or minimize their damages, unfortunately they cant do the interior repairs until the external source of the water leak or intrusion is repaired.

In Condominiums the water intrusion or leaks usually begin from the common elements. If the common elements of a Condominium are involved the individual owners are precluded from hiring their own people to fix the leak according to the provisions in the Governing Documents of the Condominium Association.  Many Condo Owners trying to deal with the Association on their own have encountered considerable delays when trying to get the Association to fix the problem.  Associations try to blame the cause on other owners or third parties like roofing companies and plumbers.

If you are tired of  dealing with the matter on your own, you should seek out legal advice from an experienced Trial Attorney that Concentrates in representing condo owners. Your Association keeps expensive Florida Law Firms on Retainer so they can fight and delay your claim, and they pay these expensive Law Firms with your money. You should not be forced to deal with experienced Property Managers and Attorneys without having someone fighting for you in your corner?

The Law Offices of Herb M. Milgrim, P.A. is a Florida Law Firm that takes pride in representing Condo Owners, Homeowners and Cooperative Owners that have disputes or are contemplating Litigation or a Lawsuit against their Association. Herb Milgrim is a tough trial attorney with over 20 years of experience. We provide prospective clients with a Free Case Evaluation. Once we have been retained we review all of the relevant documents and governing Florida Laws and advise our clients on the best course of action.

If you have water or mold damage in your condominium, townhouse or cooperative in Hollywood, Hallandale Beach, Sunny Isles, Downtown Miami, Aventura, Davie, Dania Beach, Cooper City, Pembroke Pines, Tamarac, Coral Springs, Boca Raton, Delray Beach, or anywhere in South Florida be sure to contact us for a free case evelaution.