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The Law Offices of Herb M. Milgrim, P.A.
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Why do you need a Condo Owner’s Attorney?


Many  Condominium Owners, Homeowners and Co-op Owners living in Florida have problems with their associations. Whether it is due to water damage or mold damage from the association’s failure to maintain,  hurricane claims, personal injury claims in common areas, covenant enforcement,  illegal budget increases, selective enforcement, improper leasing restrictions, tortious interference with owner’s right to sell or rent, pet restrictions, interference with an owner’s quiet use and enjoyment, noise complaints, harassment by board members and property management, architectural review claims, or improper use of funds by board members, I am sure all of you have tried to deal with your Association Board or Property Manager directly.  While some  of you have resolved your matter quickly, I am sure most of you have received the run around from the Association only to see several months or maybe even years go by with no resolution in sight.

It is important to remember that your Association has expensive Law Firms on Retainer to advise them on how to fight your claim, and they pay these expensive Law Firms with your money. Why should you be forced to deal with experienced Property Managers and Attorneys without having someone fighting for you in your corner? You need an attorney that represents the individual owners not the Associations.

Don’t make the mistake of hiring one of the many Florida lawyers that claim they represent owners when the majority of their clients are Associations.  We do not represent Associations.  We have been approached by Associations in the past to keep us on retainer but, as a matter of principal and to keep the lines clear, we choose not to represent Associations.

The Law Offices of Herb M. Milgrim, P.A. is a Florida Law Firm that takes pride
in representing Condo Owners, Homeowners and Cooperative Owners that have disputes or are contemplating Litigation or a Lawsuit against their Association.  We provide prospective clients with a Free Case Evaluation. Once we have been retained we review all of the relevant documents and governing Florida Laws and advise our clients on the best course of action.

Remember that the Associations keep expensive Law Firms on retainer using your money. Before you try and fight the Association you should contact us to get a free case evaluationCall us now at 954-966-3909.