Broward County Condo Attorney Can Help Defend Owners’ Rights

As a Broward County Condo Attorney with over 20 years in practice I have seen many examples of Associations failing to work with individual owners in order to resolve disputes.   Unfortunately many Board Members refuse to take action to resolve a dispute until they are faced with an attorney’s fee claim from the owner.  The Association will try to stall the claim or point the blame elsewhere until they are faced with an attorney representing the individual owner.

In Florida the most common claims are water damage cases resulting from the Association’s failure to maintain the common elements like a roof or common plumbing.  Other cases that can be difficult for individual owners are pet restriction disputes, interference with an owner’s right to sell or lease, and  harrasment  and mismanagement by the Board Members. A large  number of cases involve Homeowner Associations’ arbitrary use of Architectural Control Committees to deny owner requests for purely personal or aesthetic reasons.

Due to the central location of my office and the means of electronic communication I have been able to assist Condo owners and Homeowners all over Florida with an emphasis  in Palm Beach County, Miami Dade County and Broward County.

Call  a Condo Lawyer that represents owners. The Associations keep expensive law firms on retainer using your money.  Before you let months and years go by trying to deal with the Association on your own try leveling out the playing field with your own experienced Trial Attorney.   Call Now (954) 966-3909!


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