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Board Members that Threaten and Intimidate are Interfering with Owners’ Rights To Quiet Use and Enjoyment


As we approach the end of the year many Condominium and Homeowner Associations will be getting ready for their annual meetings. During these meetings the Board usually presents the community with a copy of the Annual Budget and elections are held to elect the members of the board.

If you have been having problems at your Condo or Homeowner Association with harassing board members, threats, intimidation or just bad decision making by your board, now is the time to start campaigning for a new board. In small communities you can simply talk with your neighbors or go door to door to discuss the situation. In larger Associations you may want to prepare a newsletter setting forth the various facts in support of your position that the Association would benefit from a new board.

As a Florida Attorney whose practice primarily involves representing Condo Owners and Home Owners that have disputes with their Associations I have heard many horror stories of Board Members going to extreme lengths to harass and intimidate the owners. I have represented owners that lost tenants because a Board Member repeatedly screamed at them and badmouthed the owner/landlord.  I have heard of Boards agreeing to allow Cellphone Towers on their building without ever taking a vote of membership and presumably getting some type of kickback.  I know of a Board President that owns one unit but resides in another unit rented from the Association at a drastically reduced rent and then goes ahead and does short term rentals of her owned unit at a substantial profit and in violation of the declaration that only allows one renter every 12 months. I have a pile of Association Official Records that were torn up in an attempt to destroy them  at the request of a Board President after a record’s request was made on a matter that was headed for litigation. We would have never found this out if they weren’t dumb enough to throw them in the community trash bin for everyone to see.  I have had disabled clients threatened and intimidated for their right to have an emotional support animal only to find out that the threatening Board Member allowed their own renter to keep a pet in violation of the Association’s no pet policy for renters.

Don’t live in fear of board members whose only justification for being on a board is to bully people and exercise their own unsatisfied lust for power.  Run for the Board yourself or help campaign for a new board.  If that doesn’t work and your right to the quiet use and enjoyment of your home is being interfered with it may be time to contact an attorney that represents and fights for Condo Owners.

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